2020 Asia Super Team: Reach for the Stars
A brand-new online competition model and more interesting teamwork will be officially launched in November 2020!
Corporate talents from eight Asian countries, namely Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, to will gather together to take this year's new challenges and to join hands to bring home prizes.
The championship team will be awarded a rewarding package tour to visit Taiwan (worth US$50,000), allowing all partners in the company to travel to Taiwan and to thrive and enhance their commitment together.
MEET The multinational enterprise competition event “Asian Super Team" launched by MEET TAIWAN has been held for seven consecutive years. Through the immersive interactive experience, companies from other Asian countries can have a better understanding of Taiwan's humanistic and cultural environment. Incorporating Taiwanese culture and an in-depth tour, MEET TAIWAN has created an innovative international team competition and set a new example for business brand marketing, which has earned it two internationally renowned tourism marketing awards.
The Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), Ministry of Economic Affairs implemented the 4-year Taiwan MICE Development Program (2009-2012) and the 4-year MEET TAIWAN initiative (2013-2016). The main goals were to establish an internationally appealing and competitive conference and exhibition environment, create higher industry value, create an international exhibition image of higher caliber, and develop Taiwan into a major hub for the training and cultivation of international conference and exhibition capabilities and talents. The ultimate target was to ensure that organizers of major international conferences, exhibitions, and events chose Taiwan as their venue and destination.

Beginning in 2017 for the next four years, MEET TAIWAN will continue to be implemented until 2020. The vision of this project is to "develop Taiwan into a major global hub for conferences and exhibitions". Long-term development goals are to expand Taiwan's MICE industry software and hardware potential, enhance the international visibility of Taiwan's MICE industry, strengthen the industry's international competitiveness, and support Taiwan's industry developments through MICE activities.

In addition to continuously accumulating and exerting Taiwan's competitive advantages in the MICE industry, the project furthermore encompasses the marketing of Taiwan's MICE brand—MEET TAIWAN—so as to strengthen public awareness of Taiwan's MICE industry in audiences both domestic and abroad. These efforts will in turn increase the international brand value of Taiwan's MICE industry and ultimately attract more international MICE events and incentive travels to Taiwan.