2020 Asia Super Team: The Online Finals Start Now!

Cast your vote online from November 9 to November 15

to support your favorite Asia Super Team contestants!

You will get a chance to win a free pair of plane tickets to Taiwan and a Taiwan incentive travel package

Each social media account is limited to 1 votes a day.

The more you vote, the higher your chances of winning!

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NG Bio Co Ltd


  1. How to participate: Log in with your personal Facebook or Twitter account, vote for the team you want to support, and get a free ticket to Taiwan and a trip to Taiwan!The more votes the team you support during the event, the higher chance you win the prize!
  2. Event prizes: (Voted by netizens from eight Asian countries) Japan/ Korea/ Singapore/ Malaysia/ Thailand/ Indonesia/ Vietnam/ Philippines - One round-trip ticket to Taiwan ----- 2 people
    (Voted by Taiwanese netizens) 2 days and 1 night free accommodation in Taroko Village Hotel ----- 1 person
  • Taiwan External Trade Development Council (herein Taitra) has the right to expand, modify, cancel, stop and change the deadline of the event without any further explanation.
  • To participate in the voting, please log in to your Facebook or Twitter account. Each registered account may cast only one vote per day.
  • Winners will be randomly selected through a lucky draw, and will be checked by the organizers for eligibility. The results will be announced on the event website and fan page on November 26, 2020
  • Any hacking or illegal act that breaks the rules of the event seriously will not be eligible to win any prizes and TAITRA reserves all right to pursue legal action against those beings.
  • Those who are participating will need to guarantee that all information submitted and filled is true and accurate. If there is any false information or fraud, participant will be disqualified to enter the drawing lot. The organizing officials reserve the right to examine the eligibility of the winner.
  • The organizing officials have the right to make final decisions relating to any disputes of the event.
  • TAITRA will not be accountable for delay submissions owing to any PC, internet, telephone, or technical issues. TAITRA holds no legal responsibility and the participant has no right to ask TAITRA to be accountable.
  • All personal information (include but not limited to name, phone number, address, and email) collected from the participants when they sign-up voluntarily will only be used for this event. All conducts will be aligned to the "Personal Information Protection Act.
  • If the award winner cannot receive the prize due to personal reasons (filling incomplete/mistaken mailing address or do not obtain the prize in time), TAITRA will not send any replacement notification or reissue the prize.
  • The participant will need to follow the above measures, regulations, and rules established by the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify the violator. If one offended the law and/or cause damage to organizer’s or any third-party rights, the participant will have to bear all responsibilities.
  • Winners shall not (including but not limited to) impersonate another, nor shall they transfer, pass on or sell the ticket. The tickets shall not be (including but not limited to) gifted, sold, transferred, or replaced (that is, the winner must be the one who uses the ticket). Upon investigation of aforementioned issues, the executive unit will cancel the use of the ticket.
  • The organizer will provide a voucher for ticket redemption. Winners must go to the local branch of the airline to which the ticket redemption voucher belongs to in order to get a ticket issued and pay government taxes. Income tax: According to Taiwan's income tax law, winning gifts or prizes are considered as part of the overall annual personal income. If the value of prizes won in the whole year exceeds the market value of NT$1,000, this personal income must be included in the annual tax return. Foreigners who win prizes will have 20% tax deducted (regardless of the size of the winnings). If you have any questions about the event-related matters, please feel free to contact the executive unit at any time.
  • The winner (1 person) of a one-night free stay in Taroko Village will be notified by the organizer via e-mail or telephone. The organizer will collect and provide the names and contact information of the winner to Taroko Village. The winner is to contact Taroko Village to make a reservation.This prize can only be redeemed for weekday bookings of suites at Taroko Village. For bookings at other times (including Friday to Sunday, national holidays, consecutive holidays, winter and summer vacations, etc.), the winner may choose to pay the difference when booking accommodation . The booking and accommodation regulations are as set by Taroko Village.For accommodation details, please refer to the official website of Taroko Village. If you have any questions about anything related to the event, please feel free to contact the executive unit.


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