【Meet Taiwan 2021 Asia Super Team 獎勵旅遊問卷調查抽獎活動公告】


• 活動期間:2021/8/11 至 2022/08/11 (UTC+8,臺灣時間)

• 問卷調查期間:2021/8/11 至 2021/11/09(UTC+8,臺灣時間)

• 問卷調查對象:新增"美國"國籍者,且法定年齡20歲以上

• 抽獎日期:2021/11/15 (UTC+8,臺灣時間)

• 得獎公布日期:2021/11/22 (UTC+8,臺灣時間)

• 本活動辦法條款與細則第14條:主辦單位保留變更本活動、獎品細節之權利,無須事前通知,但會公佈於MEET TAIWAN-Asia Super Team官方網站(https://asiasuperteam.meettaiwan.com/ ),並有權對本活動所有事宜與爭議作出解釋或裁決。


【Meet Taiwan 2021 Asia Super Team - Announcement of the Draw of Incentive Travel Questionnaire Survey】

During the course of this event, the period of questionnaire survey, the survey audience, the date and the winner announcement of the draw, and the terms and conditions (including the regulation of 14th ) will be adjusted due to change of condition as below:

• Event Period:2021/8/11-2022/08/11(UTC+8,Taiwan Standard time)

• Period of Questionnaire Survey:2021/8/11-2021/11/09(UTC+8,Taiwan Standard Time)

• Survey Audience:the U.S citizen (Newly included) who reach the legal age of 20

• Date of the Draw:2021/11/15 (UTC+8,Taiwan Standard Time)

• Date of the Winner Announcement:2021/11/22(UTC+8,Taiwan Standard Time)

• Terms and Conditions and the Regulation of 14th:The organizer reserves the right to change the details of this event and the prize without advance notice. Relevant information will be published on the official website of MEET TAIWAN-ASIA SUPER TEAM (https://asiasuperteam.meettaiwan.com/), and the organizer has the right to interpret or adjudicate all matters and disputes of this event.

Should you excuse for any inconvenience may have caused. Your kindness is very much appreciated.