The fourth Asia Super Team competition, organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade and executed by TAITRA, today organized a major press event for final at Taipei International Convention Center. It also announced the first MICE Destination survey results with big data marketing. Seven participating teams performed a dream stage show about Taiwan in early 20th Century. In the end, BUN Corporation from Japan won the championship.

Competition and the first MICE destination survey attract record responses.

In response to global marketing trends, ASIA SUPER TEAM this year integrated the innovative big data marketing model, and conducted an online survey among business travelers in Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia. It attracted more than 4000 responses, and more companies to register ever in ASIAS SUPER TEAM history since 2014. Survey results will be important references to future MICE marketing campaigns by Taiwan.

Best teams from seven countries complete journey to adventure in Taiwan, Japan team wins championship.

Themed “Adventure to Dreams”, ASIA SUPER TEAM this year invested corporate teams from seven countries to challenge themselves in Taiwan over two days, including cooking local signature dishes, baking, modern dance performances, and finding answers throughout local history. At the press event today, all participants performed a theater play around Taiwan in early 20th Century, and demonstrated how people in different industries pursued their objectives.

Based on local contests, online voting and stage performance at press event, BUN Corporation from Japan won the championship, and brought back US$50,000 of MICE awards in Taiwan.