Asia Super Team
Sign up with a enterprise team of four to grasp the opportunity to win an incentive travel package to Taiwan valued at US$50,000
Closing date for entries.
Application Procedure
Join the recruitment
Fill in the registration form and you are entitled to join the "Asia Super Team".
Invited Teams Announced
We hereby welcome the teams who have earned the right to participate in the online tournament.
Online tournament
At the appointed time, the teams are to log on and enter the tournament and compete with 8 international teams for the coveted championship prize.
Champion Team Announced
The team that wins the championship will receive a US$50,000 incentive travel package to Taiwan (for at least 20 people, including flight tickets).
  • •Teams that want to participate are required to complete the online competition registration process by 23:59, Sep 13, 2020. If registration has not been completed or if the information is incomplete, the registering team will be deemed to have forfeited its rights, for which the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) shall not be held liable.
  • • Members of finalist teams who participate in the Taiwan Finals Tour must be active employees of the enterprises they are registered with.
  • • All participants shall automatically authorize TAITRA to use, modify, and/or edit information they share during the stages of competition for related activities and promotions. In addition, TAITRA shall not be obligated to notify participants nor pay copyright royalties for any of their works and personal information used on related media.
  • • TAITRA shall have the right to extend, modify, cancel, suspend, and/or alter the deadline of the event and shall not be obligated to provide any explanation or notification.
  • • Those who seriously violate event rules by engaging in hacking or other illegal activities shall not be eligible for winning the competition . Moreover, TAITRA shall reserve the right to resort to legal measures.
  • • Content that is proposed and/or used during the event shall not include any of the following:
  • – Pornography, violence, obscenity, foul language, any harmful or inappropriate content or any slander, defamation, humiliation, slur, agitation, intimidation, or violation of the privacy of others.
  • – Any violation of intellectual property rights.
  • – Any violation of any right, including but not restricted to the copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, privacy, or ownership of any third party or individual.
  • – Propagandize or solicit funds, goods, or services.
  • – Any illegal content or any content that instigates unlawful activities.
  • • Participants shall guarantee that all information they fill in and propose is true, original, and correct. If there is any fraudulent or false statement, the award-winning qualifications of participants shall be canceled. TAITRA shall reserve the right to review participant qualifications.
  • • In the event of controversies regarding the event, the final determination of TAITRA shall prevail.
  • • If information that participants submit is delayed due to computer, Internet, telephone, or technical failure, the Implementer shall not be liable for any legal accountability, and participants shall not hold the Implementer responsible.
  • • Information (including name, telephone number, address, and email) that participants voluntarily provide will only be used within the scope of this event and not for commercial use. In addition, all information shall be kept confidential.
  • • If winners are unable to successfully collect their prizes for reasons attributable to themselves (such as incorrect or incomplete mailing information), the Implementer will not reissue prize-receiving notices or prizes.
  • • Participants shall fully comply with the above-mentioned regulations, articles, detailed rules, guidelines, and other related rules stipulated by the Implementer and shall guarantee that all information proposed is true and correct and does not infringe or embezzle the information of any third party. The Implementer shall reserve the right to cancel the competition qualification of any participant in violation of rules and regulations. Participants shall be held fully liable if they violate the law or damage the rights and interests of TAITRA or any third party.